Canyon medium

Canyoning is one of the most modern adventure sports performed just where mountain and water meet, forming mysterious hidden and fairly unexplored new environments. It represents a mix of exciting activities such as jumps, rappel, gliding down in natural slides, abseiling in water currents trough fascinating gorges and  swimming in crystal clear pools. From easy family-orientated trips to advanced high-intensity adventurers our mountain guides will provide the perfect balance between fun a safety, teaching you the techniques of progression in canyoning.

Rio Ciolesan – Friuli

Torrrente articulated with numerous jumps and fell slides, jumps from 8 meters to 25 meters dropped; sopre located the village of Claut with an approach to 40 minutes, from Longarone.

Rio Palvico – Val di Ledro

Charming and fascinating, one of the most beautiful rivers of the Trentino valleys, deep gorges and recorded with an impressive final descent to 40 meters!