Trekking Selvaggio Blu

Crossing the coastal Gulf of Orosei Arbatax the most difficult Trekking of Italy: ‘a week as Wilde Piggs’


Crossing in the Wilde where it is esential to bring your own Food and Watter.

There is a few easy climbing routes and some abseiling with double rope. The hikes are not to high but the roughness of the terrain and the difficulty of orientation are the reasons that the Treks are never to short. Deposits of water and foods are prepared ( 2 days before) along the planned route.

´Selvaggio Blu´ also also known as the “The hardest trek in Italy” as well as the most beautiful and original.

Definitely a very challenging Trek , however even the most difficult passages are to overcome by inexperienced climbers, in accompanied of a mountain guide of course.

Orientation problems accompanied by ordinary technical problems over several days , make this trek to the most difficult trek in Italy.



Mountain guide, to overnight stays in a Hotel (double room) with breakfast and dinner. Supplies (food & water) along the Trek will be provided via seaside..




Day 1 – Arrival Day 2 – Santa Maria – Pedralonga – Montesantu ( 7 hours) Day 3 – Montesantu - Portu Quau (4 hours)
 Day 4 – Pto. Quau – Cala Goloritzè (6 hours)
Day 5 – Cala Goloritzè – Grotta Biriola ( 8 hours)
Day 6 – G. Biriola – Cala Sisine – Cala Luna ( 8 hours)Day
7 –Group splitting after breakfast.


The price includes


Alpine Guide, 2 days in a Hotel (dub. Room ) with breakfast and dinner , Food supplies during the trekking, supplies (food & water) left behind by the Guide vie see before the trek, transfers on land as well as on seas in the Program.



Backpack 50/60 LT: Sleeping bag middle weight (0/+5°C). + Mattress made of Polyurethane. Harness, Carbine, headlight, Cup, Plate and beschteck, bottle. Trekkingshuse, Sandals, 3-4 T-Shirts, socks,and basics. Swimming suit, Shorts and Robust Leinwand Hosen. Wind jacket, Light, Sun- cap, hat, sunglasses and creme. Instinct repeler, towel. Your Restroom necessities. „Nordic Walking“ sticks not advised (not forbidden) because of the type of Terrains.

Info and Pries

Group: min 4 peers. Time: June – Sep.

Accompaniment: Alpine Guide UIAGM intro. Pries: € 800