Ski mountaineering in Val di Zoldo and Dolomites

Ski mountaineering in Val di Zoldo and Dolomites

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A week exploring the best scenery in the Dolomites, Val di Zoldo offers more than 100 ski mountaineering on a variety of slopes; descents and ascents along the ridges of the famous Pelmo and Civetta peaks. The week of skiing will give us the opportunity to range and move to other locations in the Dolomites skiing on the beautiful Ampezzan peaks such as the Formin slabs and the Corno di Mondeval. moving to the mighty Pelmo peak and then tasting the valleys of Val di Zoldo with the peaks of San Sebastiano, Sfornioi and then again to the peaks of the Auronzo valley such as the Cadini di Misurina and Trecime di Lavaredo.

An exciting week in search of beautiful snow and safe conditions, with the mountain guides who will accompany you you will have the opportunity to progress and improve in skiing and focus on safety concepts in the winter environment.

Day 1: Van delle Sasse

Day 2: Lastoi of Formin

Day 3: Sfornioi

Day 4: Val d'Arcia on Mount Pelmo

Day 5: Vant dei Gravinai

*The proposed itinerary may be modified based on weather or upon evaluation by the mountain guide.

Info and materials

Equipment: ARVA, shovel and probe, ski mountaineering equipment, crampons and harness.


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